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Royal Langkawi International Regatta 2016

Tony is our resident web analyst + developer and this is his first experience in participating in a regatta. He has mentioned that before this he thought ‘regatta’ meant a name of a place before learning it was a sporting event. The following adventure details his journey from Indonesia all the way to Langkawi, Malaysia…Keep reading

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A Day In The Life of: Shaiful Borhan

Meet Shaiful Borhan, Web Analyst & Developer for Stampede. Easily the most positive person in the team, he talks about self-reward, the importance of rest & practical tips for aspiring programmers.

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Happy Things!

Amongst the team banters and trolling, there is also another thing we look forward to enthusiastically every Monday. Read on to find out what that special thing is (and also, about this cockroach too).


The First Two Months

Dahlia discovers what it is like to learn and unlearn things after joining Stampede, as well as gaining a group of ridiculously funny friends and a new family in the team.

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Let’s Go Inline Skating!

Sani is stoked to share with us about his inline skating hobby. Caution: Do not mention the word ‘rollerblading’ in front of him.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

2013 has been a really exciting year for us at Stampede! We hope you have had a blast too and here’s wishing you a great year ahead in 2014!

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The New Kid On The Block

sani stampede

Rookie Sani fills us in about his first few weeks with Stampede, of the importance of self-learning initiatives and how he (and the rest of us) had been faring so far. (Note: We have always been in our best behaviour. Promise.)

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Happy Birthday, Zana!

Today is our Project Manager Extraordinaire – Zana Fauzi’s big day! She was busy scheduling new projects and launching sites so she didn’t know what we were up to.

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Syahir Hakim, interviewed!

Syahir Hakim is the developer behind the wildly popular and free wordpress theme – Graphene. The theme recently surpassed half a million downloads and Syahir gave an interview on Graphene’s early days and how the only computer class he had taken was a quick 2-hour tutorial by Shaza.

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“All Happy Families Are Alike…”

Zana carried the same notion of regarding everyone in Stampede as family members when she joined in, much like other companies she had been in before. That way, in times of those affectionate points of brushing past each other purring contently or during those fraught moments of tearing each other’s hair apart, she will be obliged to love and protect them, come high or low.