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There is always the first time for everything – like being dragged along with your Creative Lead and your Project Manager to watch a poetry show across the Causeway. At least, that has happened to Sani. Keep Reading

Remote Work

A City of Our Own VII: Arau

Dahlia the designer shares stories about the laidback town of hers, Arau in Perlis - and how it was possible that Arauans might be Italians in their earlier life. Keep Reading

Remote Work

TEDxUbud: Ideas Worth Spreading!

Our Project Manager Zana's yet another "why-not" found her spending the last weekend being inspired by all the amazing folks at TEDxUbud. Keep Reading

Remote Work

A City of Our Own Part VI: London

To Zana, happiness can be a city. Here she shares her romantic affiliation with her most favourite city in the world, London. Keep Reading

Remote Work

In the Cloud

Never in his life Wan had thought about having a job that does not require him to sit hunching his back in the office. Here he relays his experience and how he tries to adjust himself to this new experience. Keep Reading

Remote Work

Magic on the move

Zana talks about how working with Stampede enables her to do all the things she has always wanted to do, without ever leaving the job. Keep Reading

Remote Work

Stampede does Phuket!

It's about to become old news now, but last two weeks the rest of the Stampede team decided it was time to embark on an island vacation to Phuket, Thailand! Keep Reading

Remote Work

The Business of Working Remote

David from 37Signals wrote this a while back: "Everything we do to manage a business consisting mainly of remote employees is something anyone else could do too. There's so much untapped tech talent that does not live near your office, but would work for you if you allowed them to." Keep Reading

Remote Work

A City of Our Own Part V: Ipoh

My town is famous for its numerous tourist attractions and not to forget, various local delicacies. Yum. Keep Reading


On Horizontal Loyalty

In every career, your job is to make and tell stories. You will build a body of work, but you will also build a body of affection, with the people you've helped who've helped you back. But don't just sit there and wait - scour and scramble instead to get to your starting point. Then scramble some more. Be hungry. Be inquisitive. Read on and find out why. Keep Reading