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So You Wanna Be a UI/UX Designer

Good user experience is good for business. Zana walks you through some core skills to become a good UI/UX designer in an increasingly challenging industry. Keep Reading

User Experience

How Personalization Helps the Online Shopping Experience


The online shopping experience has gone through personalization and customization as users become more accustomed to shopping online. Jared elaborates on how companies are wagering on making experience more human to attract these savvy shoppers. Keep Reading

User Experience

The 6 Commandments of UX Workshop Facilitation


Facilitating a #UX workshop is a user experience lesson by itself. We learn a lot from it, as summarised by Zana in a series of commandments. Keep Reading

User Experience

Improving Your E-Commerce Checkout Process

The checkout step is the most important step in the online buying process. Our Content Strategist Jared runs through the lessons on how to identify issues with it and pick up some best practices. Keep Reading

User Experience

Microinteractions: Details that Are Not the Details

We have seen microinteractions - we encounter them every day. Here are some rundown on microinteractions and how they could help make or break the website. Keep Reading

User Experience

How to Determine Your Website’s Buyer Persona

A product without a defined target audience is more likely to be lost in their marketing initiatives. Zana Fauzi talks about how to determine your buyer persona. Keep Reading

User Experience

What Do Customers Look For In Your Online Store?

Your customers are what keeps your online store running - so have you ever stopped and wondered what do users actually look for in your online store? Jared, our content strategist, runs through the basic guidelines. Keep Reading

User Experience

8 Clean and Minimal Ways to Display E-Commerce Products

An e-commerce store design sometimes gets in the way of the product and overwhelms user. How do we design product displays that are clean and minimal? Keep Reading

User Experience

Software Wars: Toggl vs Harvest

Realising how important time tracking software is, Shen takes a look at two of the most widely-used ones - Harvest and our beloved Toggl. Keep Reading

User Experience

Parallax Is The New Black

Parallax scrolling - where multiple backgrounds seem to move at different speeds - is gaining quite the following among web practitioners. Mujib took the time to dissect three of his favorite websites with the infamous parallax scrolling effect. Keep Reading