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There is always the first time for everything – like being dragged along with your Creative Lead and your Project Manager to watch a poetry show across the Causeway. At least, that has happened to Sani. Keep Reading


World Cup 2014: The Talk

Stampede's biggest football fans, Iwan and Shaiful enthusiastically relay the highlights for the FIFA World Cup 2014. It's Argentina vs Germany tonight. Who do you root for? Keep Reading


On Being Nimble

Empowerment is making your employee the true owners of your business. As much as you are accountable to each other, you are also invested in each other's growth. The good news is, if you're a small business, you're probably already doing that anyway. Keep Reading


Let’s Go Inline Skating!

Sani is stoked to share with us about his inline skating hobby. Caution: Do not mention the word 'rollerblading' in front of him. Keep Reading

Remote Work

In the Cloud

Never in his life Wan had thought about having a job that does not require him to sit hunching his back in the office. Here he relays his experience and how he tries to adjust himself to this new experience. Keep Reading


Happy Birthday, Zana!

Today is our Project Manager Extraordinaire - Zana Fauzi's big day! She was busy scheduling new projects and launching sites so she didn't know what we were up to. Keep Reading

Remote Work

Magic on the move

Zana talks about how working with Stampede enables her to do all the things she has always wanted to do, without ever leaving the job. Keep Reading

Remote Work

Stampede does Phuket!

It's about to become old news now, but last two weeks the rest of the Stampede team decided it was time to embark on an island vacation to Phuket, Thailand! Keep Reading


Why Higher Education Is Overrated and Skills Aren’t

It is painfully clear to many employers [that there] are serious gaps between elite educational credentials and actual individual competence. College transcripts spackled with As and Bs — particularly from liberal arts and humanities programs — reveal less about a candidate’s capabilities than most serious employers need to know. Keep Reading


Shocking World Cup

The FIFA World Cup, arguably the most globally-celebrated event on this planet, had begun in South Africa on June 11, 2010 and will end this coming July 11. It is an event worth 4-years of wait. Only this time, it is chocked-full of shocking outcomes. Keep Reading