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Embedding Forms in Bigcommerce Using Google Forms

BigCommerce out of the box sports a decent contact form that is usable for everyone 99% of the time. However, things get a little tricky if we need to add in a few extra fields in there or even a whole new form; for example, a product warranty registration form. This is when we handover…Keep reading

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Showing Selected Product Variant Image in Shopify Product Slideshow

Product slideshows are indispensable when it comes to e-commerce websites. One little feature that we usually see on product slideshows is the ability to switch images based on the selection of product options such as colors. It’s a little feature that makes a difference! In Shopify, this feature may already comes standard with most of…Keep reading

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WordPress CPT Solutions Comparison: Pods vs Types

Starting from WordPress 3.0, custom post types (CPT) has been one of WP’s most unrivaled core features. I cannot recall how many times this wonderful feature had came to the rescue to help me achieve CMS-like functionalities in custom WP projects. As WP users, you have probably used CPT directly, by coding on it or…Keep reading

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BigCommerce Welcomes Magento Pro & ProStores Merchants

Recently eBay announced the closing of Magento Go and ProStores in February 2015, leaving thousands of merchants devastated. As eBay opts to use BigCommerce as their official e-commerce provider, Shaiful runs through the advantages the service could provide over others.

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Responsive Bootstrap Push Menu Tutorial

Responsive Bootstrap Push Menu is a combination of Bootstrap & jPushMenu plugin, for better viewing on mobile. Requiring HTML, CSS and Javascript, Syazwan shows the tutorial on how to achieve the effect.

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Fontello As My Favourite Font Icon Service

Years ago, cropping icons for website is no fun as well as time consuming. Fortunately, with many font icon services out there, this is no longer the case. Syazwan elaborates on his favourite service, Fontello.

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Generating TaffyDB Data File from Google Sheets

Shaiful shares some cool coding tricks using Google App Scripts for converting tabular data from Google Sheets to the format understood by a Javascript database called TaffyDB.

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CSS Sprite Technique

Learning new things and sharing what he has learned have always been exciting to Sani. Here he will show you how to produce CSS sliding door technique in his first ever tutorial in the blog.


Add Product Sash/Ribbon in BigCommerce Using jQuery

Shaiful understands product sashes are a nice touch for e-commerce websites, hence he is here to show you how to have it done.

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ELI5: The Big-O Notation

Shen, who is always full of surprises, decides to enlighten us on The Big-O Notation. Something geeky for a change!