User Experience

So You Wanna Be a UI/UX Designer: Part 2

Remote Work

A City of Our Own IX : Budapest


Our UI/UX designer, Viktoria Vass shows us the many highlights of Budapest - where she currently resides and how it is a great city for working remotely. Keep Reading

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Tips on Delightful Client Onboarding Experience

on boarding

Zana talks on client experience tips, involving in the process and thoughtfulness of user experience - and why going extra mile doesn't hurt too. Keep Reading

Remote Work

A City of Our Own VIII : Payangan


Our Web Analyst Tony Sanjaya talks about the laid-back life & remote working opportunities in his Balinese town, Payangan but not without a quite boastful comparison of it and Smallville. Keep Reading


UX Research Part 2: Which UX Methods to Use?

In Part 1, we talk about how to kickoff a UX Research for a project. In Part 2, let's talk about determining which methods to use in every stage of UX project, depending on which methods would suit your project the best. Keep Reading


The Stampede Way to Scrum: The Blitz

Stampede Blitz

Take a glimpse at how we at Stampede run 'The Blitz', an important part of how we work as a remote company. Jared explains it so eloquently. Keep Reading


UX Research Part 1: How Do We Start?

UX research

UX Research is a task to determine if a design properly caters to end users. This is part 1 of 2, where Zana Fauzi goes into details on how we start. Keep Reading


Our Best Hari Raya Memories!

Jared asked everyone of their best Hari Raya memories which can be summed up in four keywords (in no particular order): FOOD, kids, fireworks & LAN party. Keep Reading


Getting to Know Agile Development

Zana speaks about embracing the agile approach, the process by which projects can be managed and implemented in small chunks of work. Small victories. Keep Reading

User Experience

Improving Your E-Commerce Checkout Process

The checkout step is the most important step in the online buying process. Our Content Strategist Jared runs through the lessons on how to identify issues with it and pick up some best practices. Keep Reading


UX and Startups: An Interview with Linda Rasip

Startups offer the most exciting opportunities for UX designers. We speak to Linda Aidiel, CTO of Aleph One, on UX-ing in a challenging yet rewarding startups environment. Keep Reading